When traveling on a holiday in a different city such as PORT-AU-PRINCE, you’re not confined to your hotel room during your stay.  You will go out and explore the sights and the sounds of PORT-AU-PRINCE.  To do that, sometimes you have to walk, ride or drive to get to where you need to go.  If you plan on car rental PORT-AU-PRINCE to give you the freedom of transport, you may be required to buy cheap car insurance in PORT-AU-PRINCE for your car rental. 

In general, PORT-AU-PRINCE agencies will require you to have car insurance when renting a car whether in your home country or in Haiti.  What you need to know is if you really need to get cheap car insurance just to be able to satisfy their conditions.  Before leaving on your holiday, you can already check if you’re covered for collision or damage liability with your existing insurance policy or credit card company.  If not, you only need to get cheap car insurance that covers you for collision damage liability, just to serve as your protection in case you get into an accident while you’re in the road in your rental car.  The other best insurance that you can arm yourself with is just to drive safely and be aware of the rules of the road of the country that you’re in. 

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