18 Top Brazil Packing List Items for 2022 + What to Wear & NOT to Bring

For the most part, Brazil is very hot and humid! There is no need to wear heavy fabrics or boots unless you will be doing some trekking in the mountains. Stick to casual clothing for the daytime and wear your dressier apparel when going out at night or in more metropolitan cities.

DO NOT wear anything made from polyester – this is not a good material for Brazil’s warm climate.

DO NOT wear heavy boots – unless your trip will consist of a lot of hiking there is no need to bring any boots. Evaluate where you will be traveling and the types of activities you will be engaging in. A comfortable pair of tennis shoes should be appropriate in most scenarios.

DO NOT wear expensive jewelry or watches – if you want to accessorize make sure the items you wear are cheap and things that you won’t be too upset about if they are lost or stolen.

What to wear to the beach

With beaches in Brazil comes culture shock for most westerners. The local swimwear consists of tiny bikinis for women and sunglasses for men. In Brazil, it is very common to show a lot of skin, regardless of body type. Brazilians are much more comfortable with their bodies and it is reflected in their beachwear. When going to a beach in Brazil you can wear what you feel most comfortable in but be aware that most people around you will be wearing very little. Don shorts and a tank top or dress when going to the beach. Also, do not bring a towel, most locals simply bring a sarong to the beach or let the sun dry them off, bringing a huge beach towel screams tourist.
Women, wear a swimsuit you feel most comfortable in but if you are feeling adventurous give the famous Brazilian bikini a try! There are lots of local shops that sell them! Also, keep in mind that women do not go topless at the beach and tan lines are to be praised.
Meanwhile, you will see a lot of sunglasses and shorter swim trunks, boardshorts are also popular and acceptable to wear, it is all a matter of preference and comfort. The sun can be intense so make sure to wear a hat and sunglasses and lots of sunscreen!

What to wear in São Paulo

São Paulo is Brazil’s vibrant financial center and it is one of the world’s most populous cities. It is a city filled with stunning architecture, vibrant art, and an amazing food scene. It is also a very fashionable city! The streets of São Paulo often look like a fashion runway show. Since it is a financial hub, you will see many people dressed in business attire. When visiting São Paulo, you’ll want to don your trendier pieces or you might feel out of place. Most cities in Brazil are very casual and a tank top with shorts will suffice but in the larger cities, you will want to dress to impress.

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