AIG Car Insurance Coverage & Renewal | AIG Malaysia

• Who can apply – Anyone with a valid driving licence for the appropriate class of vehicle. Minimum driving experience is 1 year. However, we reserve the right to accept cover based on our internal underwriting guidelines which also factors in the age of the driver. Please check with your agent or contact us at the number below.

• Pursuant to Paragraph 5 of the Schedule 9 of the Financial Services Act 2013, if you are applying for this insurance wholly for purpose unrelated to your trade, business or profession, you have a duty to take reasonable care not to make a misrepresentation in answering the questions in the Proposal Form (or when you apply for this insurance), to answer all questions fully and accurately and to disclose any matter that you know to be relevant to us in accepting the risks and determining the rates and terms to be applied otherwise it may result in avoidance of your contract of insurance, refusal or reduction of claims, change of terms or termination of your contract of insurance.

The above duty of disclosure shall continue until the time your contract of insurance is entered into, varied or renewed with us.

You also have a duty to tell us immediately if at any time after your ontract of insurance has been entered into, varied or renewed with us any of the information given in the Proposal Form (or when you have applied for this
insurance) is inaccurate or has changed.

• The excess is the amount of loss you have to bear in the event of an accident. There is an additional excess of RM400 in case of accident where your vehicle is driven by a person not named in your policy, below the age of 21 or still under probational licence (P) (for Comprehensive Private Car).

• Betterment charges (if you are involved in an accident and the damaged parts of your vehicle are replaced with new parts) will apply for vehicles aged 5 years and above.

• Motor is a Cash Before Cover policy. Payment must be made upfront before cover can be issued.

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