Best Car Insurance in Jaipur – Benefits & Network Garages List

Car Insurance in Jaipur

Jaipur is the beautiful capital city of Rajasthan renowned for its hill forts and opulent palaces. As one of the major metropolitan cities of Rajasthan, Jaipur is well connected through roads. Since the major means of transport in Jaipur are road based, car owners will benefit from motor insurance. Road accidents are omnipresent, and an insurance plan will cover you against liabilities involved in such unfortunate instances. So, if you are someone who generally travels within the Pink city in your own four-wheeler, buying car insurance in Jaipur is a must. 

Benefits of Getting Car Insurance in Jaipur

A comprehensive car insurance policy with broad coverage offers financial security in case of instances like accidents, theft, cyclone, floods, riots, etc. In fact, the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes at least a third-party liability car insurance policy mandatory for every car owner to drive their vehicle on Indian roads.

  • Helps You Drive Legally

As mentioned above, third-party car insurance is mandatory in India. Thus, having a four-wheeler insurance policy means you are on the right side of the law. Consequently, you won’t have to pay a penalty to the traffic police for driving an uninsured vehicle.

  • Cover Third-Party Liabilities

A car insurance policy takes care of third-party liabilities arising out of an accident. It also helps you mitigate legal liabilities arising due to car accidents.

  • Financial Security

Comprehensive car insurance offers compensation against different types of losses you could incur, including theft and damages caused by an accident, man-made calamities, natural disasters, and more. Opting for add-on covers can further enhance the benefits of car insurance. 

  • Personal Accident Cover

A personal accident cover offers financial protection for your or the driver’s treatment cost in case you get injured during an accident. 

  • No Claim Bonus

If you have not raised a single claim for a full policy period, you can use the ‘No Claim Bonus’. It is like a reward offered by your insurer for going an entire policy term without making a claim. This reward can be used at the time of renewal to avail reduced premium rates.

Some of the Best Car Insurance Plans in Jaipur

Here’s what the three common types of car insurance plans cover:

Basis of Coverage

Third-Party Cover

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Own Damage Cover

Damage to the third-party vehicle

Bodily injuries to the third party

Damages to the third-party property

Loss or damage to your own car

Network Garages in Jaipur

With comprehensive car insurance, you can also avail the cashless claims facility at network garages. All you have to do is take your car to the nearest network garage that’s associated with your insurance provider and get it repaired. With this facility, you can repair your vehicle without paying the bill. The repair and replacement costs will be directly settled by the insurer. However, in case the repair bills exceed the stipulated coverage amount, you will have to pay the remaining amount from your own pocket. 


You can check out the nearest network garages in Jaipur, for car insurance plans made available from our partnered insurers:


Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance network garages:


HDFC Ergo Car Insurance network garages:

To Conclude

Jaipur is a tourist place that deserves to be explored and the best way to do so is by driving around in the city. However, as a samaritan citizen, you must follow traffic rules and regulations and maintain road safety. You can also do so by ensuring that you never drive without valid car insurance. If you are unsure of the premium you have to pay, then you can head to Bajaj MARKETS and use the car insurance premium calculator to get an idea.

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