Car Hire in Berlin Airport | Discover All the Car Rental Options

Should I Rent a Car in Berlin?

The public transportation network is highly developed and reliable in Berlin. Metro, trains, buses, and trams compound an efficient public transit system, ideal for travelers who opt for the Berlin city center’s amazing sightseeing. Like many cities in Europe, Berlin’s city center gathers some of the most worth-visiting attractions of the city. Hence, if your journey schedule is limited to those main attractions, you should definitely abandon the idea of renting a car in Berlin and move around using public transportation means. It’s most probably the easiest, hassle-free, and most affordable transfer choice. However, keep in mind that there is much more to see both in the wider Berlin city area and within the Berlin vicinity.

Useful Info: Are you planning your Berlin journey schedule and wondering whether to rent a car or not? Keep in mind that Poland and the Czech Republic are within a 6-hour driving distance from the German capital. Thus, with a rental car, you can easily add a trip to the neighboring countries to your itinerary. 

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