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I like Jim Kingston’s answer.
We once shipped a fairly new Audi 5000 to HU from Cal.
Sent several cars over in the very early 90’s to resell here.
We kept that car for ourselves to use when on holiday in HU.
It was broken into in broad daylight on King St. in the 7th district.
They got into the car, were not able to start it or unlock the security device on the wheel. They tried hard though, sort of messed up the steering wheel.
Later we bought a nice used red BMW which actually drew a bit too much attention from would be “punks’.
Now we have a old person style Toyota which we bought for under $2,000. cash money. Not flashy but runs good.
Only have the min. insurance on it.
No worries , if it doesn’t pass the safety checks next time, we will just lower the price to someone who wants to deal with fixing anything.
So far the car has been a charm.
Most flats do not come with parking so parking on the street can be a worry if you have a really nice car.
Our neighbor uses the underground parkingĀ  just down the street from the house. I think he pays more then $250. a month for each of the two cars he has inside there.
Not even going to ask how he can afford that when he has no job?!

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