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Car insurance covers your vehicle and not individuals. It’s important to list anyone you expect to drive your car as an additional driver on your policy. Generally, learner drivers don’t need to be listed, but check with your insurer.

Be aware that adding additional drivers may impact the amount you pay. Factors such as each driver’s age and driving history will also affect premiums. You’ll usually be charged more for inexperienced or younger drivers (e.g. those under 25). You may incur extra excess fees if someone not listed as an additional driver on your vehicle is involved in an accident.

If your family has multiple vehicles, each car will require its own policy unless you can take out a multi-vehicle car insurance policy (which may reduce premiums and paperwork). For every extra car you put on the same policy, you may receive a percentage discount on your premium, although premiums for all cars will usually need to be paid together on one bill. It’s also important to consider who is named the primary driver of each vehicle, as younger drivers will increase premiums.

Families are also usually able to bundle their car insurance with their home and contents insurance through the same insurer to receive a small discount, but this will differ between insurers and policies. Bundling car insurance for a family may be easier and cheaper (especially for younger drivers), but it might also inflate the cost for older, more experienced drivers.

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