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Frequent Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a car?

The final price depends on the type of car, the duration of the rental, the season, the city in which you want to rent the car. The average price for a compact car is MXN $ 850 / day.

Why are companies publishing prices of a few dollars a day?

Websites like Expedia®, Kayak®, and websites from other Car Rental Companies, publish these unrealistic prices seeking to attract customers with little experience. Once the customers show up to pick up the car they will force them to buy expensive insurance that costs up to ten times the cost of the rental itself.

If you refuse to buy their insurance, they may simply refuse to serve you. In the unlikely event that they let you rent the car without buying their extra insurance, it will be after they increase the deposit amount up to the value of the vehicle. In this case, credit card withholds of USD$15,000 are not uncommon.

Why should I rent a car with Veico?

When you rent a car from Veico, you always get the lowest final price right from the start. Our rates include unlimited mileage, Full-Coverage Insurance, and all Taxes.

Check out our reviews and compare the experience of our clients, with that of the clients of our competitors. And before booking compare always the final price, a little research can save you money, time and troubles.

How can I Rent a Car from Veico?

Book your Car Rental online or by phone. Either way, you get the lowest prices and the newest fleet of cars in Mexico.

It is necessary to pay my Car Rental in Advance?

It is not, you can choose to pay at our offices when picking up your car and you will still get a lower price than you would anywhere else. If you choose to prepay your reservation you will get our lowest rate.

In which cities can I Rent a Car with Veico?

Veico Car Rental has offices in the following cities:

Guadalajara Car Rental, Cancun Car Rental, Colima Car Rental, Leon Car Rental

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