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2.0 Mediocre

Jan 2022


I’ve rented from Sixt on several occasions in other countries and despite the poor reviews of this location at the Bogota airport figured that it couldn’t be that bad and was just a few disgruntled customers. We reserved a car with insurance for our honeymoon. Before leaving to pick up the car we received a confirmation email from Sixt confirming our booking and a price of $349 for the week. The morning of the rental we called the Sixt bogota office to confirm the pickup location. The manager cristian sent us to an abandoned office park where we found an empty Sixt office. After 20 minutes of dialing various Sixt help numbers we made it through to the local office again and they said they had moved, but would send someone with our rental car. After an hour of waiting an employee arrived in another car and drove us to the Sixt lot to pick up our car. We loaded our bags and we’re then given the contract to sign. Sixt raised the price to $457 from $349 even though they had sent us the confirmation with the lower price when we booked. We called Cristian the manager and sent him the confirmation with the lower price but he refused to honor it. The employee at the lot was embarrassed and started to help us try to find another car with another rental company nearby but being late in the day all of the closeby agencies were sold out of comparable sedans so we were forced to either pay the higher rate at Sixt or miss the first day of our honeymoon. Imagine booking a flight or a train or hotel at one price then arriving and them asking for 30% extra to let you board or check in, it’s a robbery. Our problems didn’t end there. When returning the car, we specifically asked if Sixt had a local pickup service in downtown bogota since returning at the airport was far out of our route coming back. They confirmed that they did at a $20 cost on the Sunday we were supposed to return. When we called Sunday to schedule the pickup the woman staffing the office said they don’t offer pickup on Sunday and we spent an extra 2 hours driving the car to the airport plus 1 additional hour waiting for the staff to come pick up the car at the lot. During the full process we tried to file a request for a partial refund from Sixt global, but it’s been a week with no response. In summary our $349 rental cost $457 + 5.5 hours of extra time for the pickup and dropoff and extra stress during our honeymoon dealing with this terrible company. We will never rent from Sixt again and would strongly recommend against renting from Sixt bogota. There are plenty of other good agencies here such as localiza or avis which we have used in the past without these types of problems. If your at all tempted to rent here, don’t take the risk it’s not a trustworthy business.

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