CASCO insurance in Kiev and Ukraine – How much does the policy Hull for a physical people? | UNIQA

Today, more and more car owners are thinking about reliable insurance protection for their vehicles. Practically everyone has a Compulsory MTPL insurance policy, which covers liability for damage to property or life of a third party, but CASCO Insurance is not as common.

CASCO is a program that includes potential risks for your car, and provides insurance protection against them.

The basic risks are as follows:

  • Theft
  • Total loss (complete destruction of the vehicle) 
  • Damage resulting from a traffic accident
  • Fire, combustion, explosion
  • Natural disaster
  • Illegal acts by a third party

CASCO programs differ in options. There are more affordable options and programs with the maximum coverage. In the course of a conversation, an experienced UNIQA representative will help you select a program that is best suited to you. Having concluded the CASCO policy, you can be sure that in the case of damage to your car, all material costs and organisational issues will be borne by the reliable insurance company.

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