Cheap Car Hire at Lima J Chavez Intl Airport


The customer service was not good I feel like the front desk person was no to happy to see me I feel bad at that time he was rushing me did not explain clear to me the contract and insurance coverage I told him I wanted the $11.00 collision coverage was offered by Budget but he give me other coverage I believe personal coverage I had small accident a hit and run cause a scrash and bumper was pulled a little the hit was at the passenger side fender I called the airport Budget office the phone number I was provided two ladies answered my phone call the second person she said that she was on charge of the office she said that I had treated because I told her that the amount of $1275.58 was too much for the car damage and I was going to call my credit card sbout that after that she start speaking to me very loud and telling me that I was treated her she explain me the coverage for injure not for collision and told me to be quiet at the end she hang me the phone call.

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