Columbus State Community College

Andrew Nielsen: Communication is Key

Communication is key to Andrew Nielsen’s role at Nationwide – a skill he honed at Columbus State.

Nielsen started his higher education at Columbus State, earning an associate of arts degree. He credits his Columbus State faculty for their high standards and willingness to work with him outside of class times. The associate of arts fulfills the first two years of a bachelor’s degree, and Nielsen went on to earn a bachelor’s in the History of Art at Ohio State. That got him in the door at Nationwide.

Now, Nielsen works with a network of brokers, salespeople and underwriters to sell insurance solutions to employers.

“A lot of courses at both Columbus State and Ohio State focused on writing and communication, which helped set me up for my role at Nationwide,” Nielsen says. “I’m glad that I was held to a high standard so that I could be ready to get a job that has helped provide for my family financially.”

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