Dominican Republic Driving Guide

  1. Go Canyoneering

The best thing to do in the Damajaqua Cascades is to experience the river trekking or canyoneering activity. With this, visitors are pre-treated to a 25-minute walk up the mountain amongst lush verdant canopies to reach the jump-off point. The canyoneering activity involves sliding and jumping off 7-12 waterfalls (for beginners or intermediates). If you want to cover all of the thrills, you can go for the 27 waterfalls, along with more specialized equipment and guides. Don’t worry! Safety gears will be provided along with the most experienced tour guides.

2. Bathe in the Natural Pools

There are also areas for visitors who do not wish to take part in the thrill of canyoneering. You can relish in the calming power of the outdoors, take pictures, and swim in the natural pools without any intensive physical activity. Damajaqua is a retreat for all ages!

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