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Expat Car Insurance in the UK

Comprehensive Same Day Coverage

Get a complete expat car insurance in the UK that combines:

  • Physical Damage insurance (PD) with
  • Local Third-Party Liability protection (TPL)

Our UK car insurance covers expats in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Car insurance in the UK provides financial protection.

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Need assistance with Car Insurance for Ukrainian refugees in the UK? допомоги українським біженцям в Англії

For Ukrainian Refugees

Coverage Benefits

The expat motor insurance in the UK benefits include:

Fully comprehensive and affordable coverage

Same day cover

Monthly installment payment plan

Windscreen repair

Breakdown and legal expenses cover available

Includes social domestic which provides cover whether you are driving to the shops or commuting between your home and your place of work

Fully comprehensive and third-party car insurance in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Ability to drive into Southern Ireland for up to 60 days

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Vehicle insurance is required for drivers in the UK. So, if you’re planning to drive in the UK as an expat, it’s essential to have the right car insurance coverage.

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When You’ll Need Expat Car Insurance

This type of car insurance is intended for non-UK citizens residing in the UK, such as expats, retirees, long-term travel or residency for school or work, including military service.

Why Choose Clements for Your UK Car Insurance?

Clements has an extensive network of insurers that guarantees competitive rates for our clients in the U.K. We have been insuring expats since 1947 and understand how coverage works from country to country. Our experience guarantees you won’t be left with gaps in coverage while still staying within the limits of your budget.

With Clements, Bob’s Your Uncle!

Car insurance in the UK protects vehicles.

FAQs About Expat Car Insurance in the UK

  • Our expat auto insurance in the UK can cover accident and damage costs. What your policy covers typically depends on the type of insurance you purchase. With Clements, you can choose between our Comprehensive Coverage and Third-Party Only Coverage. Here is a breakdown of what each can include:

    Third-Party Only Coverage (our basic coverage):

    • Property damage (up to £20,000,000)
    • Property damage cost/expenses (up to £5,000,000)
    • 60-Day Europe Coverage (If you take your car to Europe, it can remain insured on your policy for 60 days)

    Comprehensive Coverage (our most complete coverage):

    • Property damage (up to £20,000,000)
    • Property damage cost/expenses (up to £5,000,000)
    • 60-Day Europe Coverage Legal costs (up to £35,000)
    • Loss of/damage to your vehicle Windscreen or window damage
    • Child/booster seats
    • Medical expenses
    • Personal Accident Coverage
    • Personal Belongings Coverage

    Reach out to a Clements for any additional UK car insurance-related questions you have:

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  • Our Third-Party Only Coverage and Comprehensive Coverage do not include the following:

    • Tire damage (unless damage was sustained in a road accident)
    • Vehicle wears and tears
    • Vehicle mechanical breakdowns
    • Any accessories not permanently attached to your vehicle.
    • Compensation for not being able to use your vehicle.
    • Theft if vehicle is unlocked or keys are left inside.
    • If your vehicle is taken without consent by an immediate family member.
    • If your vehicle is taken without consent by someone living in your home.
    • Loss of fuel or damage caused by incorrect fuel usage.
    • Any legal liability, loss or damage while driving under the influence.
    • Loss or damage covered by another insurance policy.
  • Up to 30 days from the time you quote. Once those 30 days are up, you will need to request a new quote.

  • In general, there are three main levels of cover available to foreign nationals driving in the UK: third party only; third party, fire and theft; and comprehensive. Clements offers fully comprehensive coverage to expatriates. Please learn more about the insurance benefits above.

  • Add-ons are only available at the time of purchase and renewal of your UK car insurance policy. If you have a specific need regarding add-ons during the term of your policy, please give us a call at 44(0).33.0099.0104 so we find a solution that fits your needs.

  • Car insurance policies are annual.

  • The type of car you drive will have a bearing on the price of the insurance policy offered to you. Generally speaking, cars are classified into 50 possible groups based on factors like engine size, power, and the cost of repairs.

  • Windscreen cover is included on all our UK car insurance policies, subject to your policy excess. Please refer to your policy to confirm cover levels or contact us with any questions.

  • It depends on your policy – please refer to your plan.

  • Excess in some countries is known as “Deductible”. The excess is the amount that you, the policyholder, are responsible for in the event of a claim. The total excess is made up of two parts: voluntary and compulsory. Compulsory excess is the minimum excess set by the insurer and is shown in your policy documents. Voluntary excess is chosen by you and is in addition to your compulsory excess.

  • Your phone number is one of the details that the insurance provider will need to include in your policy document. Don’t worry, we won’t share your contact details with any third parties. Please see our Privacy and Data Protection Hub to learn more about our commitment to protecting your data.

  • Your address is necessary for your policy document. Your address and location will have a bearing on the cost of your policy. Occasionally, post codes are entered into our form that our system cannot locate. If this happens to you, just enter a post code from a nearby area, we’ll be able to get you an accurate quote.

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*Subject to underwriting guidelines. Limits, conditions and exclusions may apply.

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