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Map of FOCO car rental locations near Recife – Guararapes Intl. REC Airport

To access the widest rental options in USA, select airport locations. If you are looking for a specific car, you
can probably find it in REC Airport, Brazil. At rental points in the city center and in other
locations, the car park is slightly smaller, but the prices are usually lower than at the airport.

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What type of cars does FOCO car rental have in Recife – Guararapes Intl. Airport?

If you are looking for a car of a certain class, go to the corresponding page from the list below. There you can
see the prices and options of the offers in Recife – Guararapes Intl. and neighboring locations. You can also choose
a car with an automatic or manual transmission.

FAQ – FOCO car rental in Recife – Guararapes Intl. REC Airport

How to find a cheap car rental from FOCO at REC Airport, Brazil?

You know that the combination of affordable prices and high-quality service is the key to an excellent car
rental. With FOCO at Recife – Guararapes Intl. Airport, you can expect an affordable price that will be accompanied
by many
positive points. A large selection of discount cars, a friendly atmosphere, fast work, and outstanding customer
support are iconic features of FOCO.

The company strives to make the car rental process easy and understandable for each customer, while constantly
pays attention to the maintenance of a high level in everything. As a result, you will enjoy these benefits each
time you pick up a car at Recife – Guararapes Intl. .

FOCO car prices are among the most competitive in the vehicle rental market and will satisfy even the
budget renters. Subsequently, at Recife – Guararapes Intl. REC Airport you always receive a 100% ideal car at an affordable

Of course, there are always additional ways to rent a car, saving extra money. The following essential tips are
the step towards the best-priced vehicle:

  • book a car as early as possible – the optimal time is not less than 1-2 weeks before the pickup;
  • take advantage of long-term deals – each day will cost cheaper;
  • check prices on rental cars in surrounding locations;
  • select a vehicle according to your desires, but keep in mind that compact and economy vehicles are the
    cheapest cars;
  • use full-to-full option for fuel usage;
  • select the most cost-effective insurance protection package;
  • avoid one-way journeys;
  • try to find discounts and promotions;

How to get to FOCO car rental in REC Airport, Brazil?

After arriving at Recife – Guararapes Intl. Airport, the process of finding a FOCO location won’t be very
tiring. It’s
situated at the airport terminal. Its exact address is HALL AEROPORTO DE GUARARAPES, BOA VIAGEM, RECIFE, 51032-970, PE.
You will easily find the FOCO rental desk by following the directions in the
Recife – Guararapes Intl. .

If you have any questions, then you always have the opportunity to contact the local office via FOCO
phone number: +55 81 3471 7329.

Those travelers who arrive at Recife – Guararapes Intl. REC Airport during the night hours shouldn’t worry, as the agency’s
point is usually open 24 hours per day.

What documents do I need for FOCO car rental in REC Airport, Brazil?

The list of documents you must provide at the FOCO car rental desk includes:

  • valid driver’s license with at least 1 year of experience with no major endorsements;
  • credit card issued in the name of the main renter with the required limit for paying rental and deposit;
  • printed booking confirmation voucher that you received in your email;
  • additional document confirming your identity;
  • any other document required by FOCO Recife – Guararapes Intl. Airport and specified in your booking confirmation

What rental car models FOCO provide in Recife – Guararapes Intl. ?

FOCO car rental Recife – Guararapes Intl. REC Airport provides a wide range of economy and compact models such as Chevrolet
Spark, Ford Focus, Nissan Versa, or similar. Standard and mid-size models include the Nissan Sentra and
Volkswagen Jetta.

If you are looking for a full-size car, Chevrolet Malibu will be one of the greatest options. On the other hand,
Chevrolet Impala, Chrysler 300, and Buick Lacrosse are the most popular luxury/premium models. Jeep Compass, Kia
Sorento, Nissan Pathfinder, and BMW X3 are available as SUV car rental FOCO REC Airport, Brazil.

What is the cheapest rental car from FOCO in Recife – Guararapes Intl. Airport?

Whether your aim is a budget-friendly rental car, with FOCO you are guaranteed to receive the
cheapest deals.
The supplier is ready to meet the consumer by offering quality cars at the lowest price.

The most beneficial
deal at Recife – Guararapes Intl. is the Nissan March or similar for
$10 per day.

Remember that the total price for FOCO vehicles can be further reduced in the case of long-term

What is the most popular car class from FOCO in Recife – Guararapes Intl. REC Airport?

A wide FOCO vehicle fleet means you’ll definitely reserve a car rental class you like the most.

Car type is considered to be a dominant criterion when choosing a vehicle for travel. That’s why the
have a huge range of offers to suit any purposes. FOCO at REC Airport, Brazil is ready to provide
a Economy, Mini, 7seatcarrier, SUV and Standard car. The
popular vehicle
classes are:

  • Suv – Renault Duster or similar from $27

What credit cards does FOCO car rental accept in Recife – Guararapes Intl. Airport?

When you rent a car from FOCO Recife – Guararapes Intl. , make sure you have a MasterCard, Visa, or American
Express credit card. Please note that prepaid cards are not accepted in any way, as well as cash and gift cards.

If you have any doubts about your credit card, check it with your bank. In order to pick up FOCO car rental
Recife – Guararapes Intl. REC Airport, you must have an amount on your credit card to hold the deposit (about $200) and pay the
full cost of the rental.

How old do I have to be to pick up FOCO rental car in REC Airport, Brazil?

As stated by FOCO policy, the lowest age limit for car hire services in the USA and Canada is 20 years
However, this doesn’t apply to all locations within the states of Michigan and New York, where 18- and
19-year-old renters can also enjoy the service.

Each young driver who is under 25 years old is subject to an underage fee. This payment should be made in the
company’s office. If traveling on military or government orders, then you are authorized to rent a car starting
from the age of 18 and avoid additional age surcharges at the same time.

Can I pay for FOCO rental car with a debit card at Recife – Guararapes Intl. Airport?

In general, a debit card can only be used as a source of payment for a car rental at Recife – Guararapes Intl. . The
fact is
that when arriving at the counter, FOCO requires a security deposit, which is available only on the
customer’s credit card.

Moreover, the name on the credit card must be the same as the name of the renter. A deposit is required by the
company to recover possible expenses related to damage, fines or other charges caused by the fault of the

Can someone else drive my rental car at Recife – Guararapes Intl. REC Airport?

You will be happy to discover that an additional driver option is a way to let another person getting behind the
steering wheel of your rental vehicle. Although sometimes companies offer a free additional driver, most often
it costs money – the option is paid directly at the counter.

It’s possible to get several free extra drivers at once when making a reservation.

Should I buy extra insurance along with FOCO car rental in REC Airport, Brazil?

Each supplier wants to be financially secure. Therefore, car hire is available only with valid insurance. If you
don’t have it, then FOCO has a reason to refuse you.

There are several cases when you don’t need an insurance protection plan:

  • you already have the initial coverage that applies to international pickups, and the type/class of car you
  • your credit card manufacturer has an extra insurance option, which covers you and rental cars abroad.

If you don’t fall under any of the items, then obtaining any type of protection is the only solution. You can
buy Excess fee insurance at the stage of reservation on our website and secure your deposit. Or, you can buy
Full coverage insurance or Excess reduction at the FOCO rental counter.

Who can drive a rental car from FOCO in Recife – Guararapes Intl. Airport?

Everyone who has reached the age of 25 and meets the driver’s license requirements has the opportunity to
drive FOCO car rental Recife – Guararapes Intl. .

Drivers aged 21-24 are also allowed, but are subject to the young driver’s fee. This fee is usually included in
the rental and you will have to pay it at the FOCO Recife – Guararapes Intl. REC Airport counter. The same policy applies
to additional drivers who have similar age restrictions.

What happens if you damage a rental car from FOCO in REC Airport, Brazil?

In the event of damage to FOCO rental car Recife – Guararapes Intl. Airport, your Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) will
cover it. However, make sure your insurance comes with zero excess. If your CDW insurance has some excess limit,
then you will have to pay a portion of the vehicle repair cost. Most often, you don’t need to pay this amount
separately. The company will simply write it off from the deposit you left when picking up a car
rental FOCO Recife – Guararapes Intl. .

What happens if you return a rental car late FOCO in Recife – Guararapes Intl. REC Airport?

Late return of your FOCO car rental REC Airport, Brazil may incur an additional charge, i.e. late return
fee, ranging from a few dollars to the cost of an extra rental day. The longer you are late, the larger the
charges you can expect.

If your travel plans have changed dramatically or you have another reason why you may be late, then notify the
company about this. This will allow you to count on a more loyal attitude and lower fees when
returning FOCO rental car Recife – Guararapes Intl. Airport late.

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