Haiti Driving Guide

  • Use your hazard lights to alert other drivers
  • Slow down and try to pull your car to the side of the road
  • Stay in your car to avoid pedestrians and other vehicles, as Haiti is known to have jam-packed roads

*If it is safe to exit, put up flares or reflective triangles for oncoming motorists to see

  • Call roadside assistance
  • Always remember that Haiti has a law requiring on-site repairs for vehicles that have broken down

*If your car needs to be towed, then consider getting a different vehicle or booking a room if it’s past nightfall

  • Always inform people where you’re going beforehand

*This is very helpful if you’re experiencing car troubles when driving in Haiti; if your distance from major cities is quite far, informing people, like hotel staff, of your travel plans can aid in the quick location of your vehicle

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