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About HUB International in Miami, FL

MDW Insurance Group was founded in 1979 and joined HUB International in 2016 with a history of community involvement in South Florida dating back to its inception. We are dedicated to our pillars of success: trustworthiness, reliability, and proactivity. Our agents are helping thousands of businesses and individuals successfully manage their insurance risk and compliance issues as a leading Miami insurance broker. Our team of highly experienced insurance professionals provide our clients with the value of true expertise. Joining HUB International in 2016 enables us to continue to provide this level of service with a local presence backed by HUB’s global resources.

HUB Miami is more than an insurance broker

Our consultative approach focuses on managing your risk and negotiating your business insurance coverage. More than an insurance broker, we’re the insurance adviser and advocate you can count on to help protect you from the unpredictable, control your insurance costs and anticipate your changing needs. We proactively work with you to help ensure that your large commercial or small business insurance coverage continues to offer you the right level of protection for years to come.

Why Choose Our Miami Brokerage Team?

With an assessment of your business and a review of your existing policies, we will be able to point out where your current program may leave you needlessly exposed. This diligent analysis allows us to aggressively bring your specifications to the commercial insurance marketplace where we seek options from literally dozens of A-rated or better carriers. Our reputation and strong relationships with these carriers, backed by the resources of HUB International, enable us to negotiate insurance premiums and coverages that provide you with the comprehensive protection you need at a competitive price.

As your commercial insurance broker, HUB International Miami will get you the answers you need – how, when and where you need them. Your dedicated professional is backed by a robust client web portal that offers you around-the-clock access to resources that can help you with OSHA compliance, risk management, loss control, safety, human resources – and more.

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