Journal of Life Sciences and Biomedicine (2710-4915)

1. Research article: Stability, plasticity, and adaptability of winter bread wheat under rainfed conditions with unstable moisture supply

Authors: Jahangirov Atabay, Agasoltan  pdf

2. Research article: Factors providing adaptations of rose-ringed parakeet (Psittacula krameri) in the urban ecosystems of the city of Baku

Authors: Karimov Tahir, Arshad, Ahmadli Leyla, Ilgar   pdf

3. Research article: New distribution areas of some species (O. altissima, O. michauxii and O. buhseana) of sainfoin (Onobrychis Mill.) in the flora of Azerbaijan and their bioecological characteristics

Authors: Azizkhanli Kharibul, Mammadkhan, Asgarov Aydin, Musa  pdf

4. Research article: The importance and role of sericulture development and silkworm breeding in the economy of Azerbaijan

Authors: Bakirov Quduret, Mammad, Shukurova Zarintaj, Yusif, Mustafayev Agil, Gulmammad pdf

5. Research article: Cross-scoring of cardiovascular and somatometric ratios at normal and elevated values in schoolchildren (15–17 years)*

Authors: Panahova Gultakin, Ibad pdf

6. Research article: Study of the molecular mass of AZ-130 biomolecule and its stability at low pH

Authors: Aghayeva Aytan, Gabil, Streatfield Stephen, John, Huseynova Irada, Mammad  pdf

7. Research article: Chemical components of leaf essential oil of Vitex agnus-castus L. in the Absheron conditions 

Authors: Mammadova Irada Oruc, Mammadova Zumrud Aman, Alakbarli Ramiz Alakbar  pdf

8. Research article: Mitochondrial dysfunction in kidney injury: potential therapeutic approaches 

Authors: Ahmadian Elham, Asgar, Khalilov Rovshan, Ibrahimkhalil, Eftekhari Aziz, Mahammad pdf

9. Research article: Flora of the surrounding of the Yenikend reservoir and its analysis

Authors: Ibadullayeva Sayyara, Jamshid, Sadigova Narmin, Ilham  pdf

10. Research article: Non-photochemical quenching of chlorophyll fluorescence and its components – recent advances

Authors: Zulfugarov Ismayil, Sohbat    pdf

11. Research article: The  seasonal dynamics of helminth invasion of domestic carnivores in Azerbaijan

Authors: Ibrahimova Reyhan, Shohlat   pdf

12. Research article: Investigation of C609T polymorphism in the NQO1 gene in patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer in the Azerbaijani population

Authors: Bayramov Bayram, Ilham, Bayramov Nuru, Yusif pdf

13. Research article: Studies of the engagement for serotonergic system in regulation of aggressive behavior in two behavioral models on rats 

Authors: Huseynov Shovgi, Bayram, Mekhtiev Arif, Alovsad  pdf


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