What factors determine my car insurance quotes in Montreal?

Insurance companies will take into account how much you drive when calculating your rate. The more time you spend behind the wheel, the greater the chances you’ll be involved in an accident. 

If you use your car every day and have a long commute to work (think anywhere greater than 25-30 minutes one-way), your premium will be higher than someone who drives less. 

On the other hand, if you only get behind the wheel to run quick errands, you’ll likely pay less for your car insurance each month. 

Montreal has a robust public transit system and it is a great way to cut down your mileage and save a lot of money on your car insurance premiums (and gas costs). In addition, Quebec’s no-fault system is credited with Quebec residents paying the lowest car insurance rates in the country. 

When you do need to use your car, combine your trips as often as you can. 

Here’s a list of other factors insurance companies take into account when calculating your car insurance premiums: 

Your licence level – Not having a full licence will cause your premium to be higher. Conversely, having a full licence has a positive effect on your auto insurance rates. New drivers looking for car insurance in Montreal may see higher rates due to this factor. 

Your driving history –  Insurance companies favour drivers who have many years of claims-free driving experience. Having little driving experience (approximately less than 10 years), previous claims, and driving convictions will push your car insurance rates up. For this reason, car insurance rates for high-risk drivers in Montreal may be higher than the average rate. 

Your age – Being a young driver puts you at a higher probability of being in a collision, according to actuarial data: you’re new to driving and are likely going to make some mistakes. This is another reason why coverage providers might be hesitant to give new drivers in Montreal a cheap rate on their car insurance. 

However, being young isn’t the only way age can impact your car insurance rates. Adults between the ages of 50 and 70 get some of the lowest car insurance rates in Toronto. If you belong to this demographic, you probably have a long history of being insured and you might even have bundled your home insurance policy with the same provider of your auto insurance.  After age 70, though, you might see  your rate begin to creep up because people in your age group are more statistically more likely to need to file a claim and need longer to recover from an injury. Therefore, seniors in Montreal who hold car insurance policies may also pay higher rates due to a higher rate of accidents in this age group. 

Your sex – Unfortunately, men often pay higher rates than women.

Your postal code – Urban dwellers pay more than drivers in rural areas. 

Your insurance history –  In addition to having a poor driving history, your insurance history can also play a role in determining your rates. If you’ve filed multiple claims or have a history of missing payments, you may be given a higher rate. Furthermore, new immigrants who need car insurance in Montreal may also face challenges because they have no Canadian insurance history at all. 

The amount of coverage you purchase: Buying coverage that exceeds the mandatory minimums will raise your insurance premium. 

Your income level – How much money you make can also impact your car insurance rates. A higher income may indicate to an insurance company that you’re less likely to get behind on payments. This is why students who need car insurance in Montreal may face challenges securing an affordable rate. 

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