Parking Regulations

Parking Regulations For Tel Aviv-Yafo Residents


 Parking in the city is permitted in parking lots or adjacent to sidewalks with certain restrictions.  There are two parking systems for parking alongside the city’s sidewalks:

  • ​The Color System, which determines along which sidewalks parking is permitted or prohibited. 
  • The Zone System

    , which determines who can park along certain sidewalks free of charge (residents of the zone), and who has to pay to


There are two main parking signs in Tel Aviv:

1. Restricted Parking Signs: indicating that parking is available only for residents with a parking permit at certain hours –  for English version click here.

2) Regular Parking Signs: indicating that parking is available for the general public (payment required at certain hours) -for English version click here.

To pay your parking fine, please enter the payment system.

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