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The latest South Korea travel requirements to enjoy quarantine-free travel!

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Having been through the whole process from Changi to Incheon and back, here are some of my tips to make your journey a smoother one!

[Update 30 Sep 2022]: Travellers entering South Korea from 1 October 2022

Travellers entering South Korea from 1 October 2022

no longer need to go through an on-arrival PCR test

. This new measure means that travellers no longer need to do any form of Covid-19 test before

departing for Korea

and arriving in Korea.

#KlookTip: The info in this article is updated as of the publishing date. Keep tabs on the

The info in this article is updated as of the publishing date. Keep tabs on the

official Embassy of South Korea to Singapore website

for any current updates/notices regarding the latest travel requirements.

Pre-Departure Planning

Before all the travel planning, do remember that:

  • Your passport has to have at least 6 months of validity

  • Travellers 18 years old and above will have to be fully vaccinated with your second dose or booster taken within 180 days of departure

  • Unvaccinated children under the age of 12 will be able to travel if accompanied by a fully-vaccinated adult

  • Those between the age of 12-17 who have received their second dose of vaccination will also be considered as fully-vaccinated without the need of a booster

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s a

checklist of all the important documents

you’ll need for your trip.

  1. Passport with at least 6 months of validity

  2. K-ETA

  3. Register for


  4. Recommended self-Administered ART on Day 6 or 7 (Arrival day is day 1)

  5. Complete your

    SG e-arrival card

    3 days before arrival in Singapore

#KlookTip: Keep a soft copy of all these documents in your smartphone and print out and carry along hardcopies as well because you will be asked for them quite frequently at both airports!

1. South Korea Testing Requirements

[UPDATE]: From 1 October 2022 all international travellers:

2. Apply for a K-ETA

singapore korea vtl k-eta

This is the electronic travel visa that you would have to apply for to visit South Korea. It will cost you $13 and you can

apply for it here

3. Register for Q-Code

singapore korea vtl q code

Photo Credit: Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of Singapore

You will have to

register for a Q-Code

with your vaccination records. A QR code will be issued to your email after registration. Do remember to print this out!

4. Get your SIM card 

Of course you can also opt to get your SIM card at the airport or have it delivered to you in Singapore.

5. Pre-book your transport to your accommodation

For a truly fuss-free experience, I would recommend pre-booking a private hire car to get you straight from the airport to your accommodation.

goes nonstop between Incheon International Airport and Seoul Station. You’ll get from the airport to downtown Seoul in 43 minutes!

Or if you’re looking for a speedy way from Incheon Airport to Seoul, you can take the

AREX Incheon Express Train

that. You’ll get from the airport to downtown Seoul in 43 minutes!

6. Book a non-stop flight from Singapore to South Korea

With all your pre-trip preparations now complete, all you need to do now is to

book your flight to South Korea

and you’re good to go!

7. Upon arrival at Incheon Airport

The final step before your long-awaited getaway in South Korea! Once again, check out our

Instagram story highlight

for an on the ground run-through of the steps that you need to take before leaving the Airport.

Documents to prepare on hand here:

  1. Passport

  2. Health questionnaire (YELLOW paper)

  3. Travel record declaration (WHITE paper)

  4. Q-Code

  5. K-ETA

#KlookTip: Have the hard copy of your important documents on hand with you at all times to make things smoother.

Pre-departure from South Korea

Complete the

SG Arrival Card

up to 72 hours before departure for Singapore. Under the current Vaccinated Travel Framework, testing for fully-vaccinated travellers is no longer required to return to Singapore.

Korea VTL FAQs

1. What if I am travelling to other parts of South Korea instead of Seoul? Do I still need to do an on-arrival PCR?

2. Can I pick up the SIM card from the airport after I land at Incheon Airport?

Yes, you can collect your SIM card at the arrival hall!

3. How do I get to my accommodation from the airport?

You will be able to take any mode of transport (Private hire/Public) to your accommodation or the AREX train to downtown Seoul.

Explore South Korea now with Klook!

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