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US citizen travel insurance

US citizens

Given the high cost of healthcare and travel related vagaries, US citizens need to have good travel insurance irrespective of whether one is traveling within the United States or overseas. US citizens can buy domestic travel insurance for any travel 100 miles from their primary residence and can buy the best travel insurance for all overseas travel.

Covid19, the Ukraine war, hurricanes and inclement weather along with severe labor shortages, long airport security checks … have disrupted the travel industry resulting in delayed or cancelled flights, long waits at airports, lost or delayed baggage, along with Covid related sickness and the need for Quarantine …., all of these can result in expensive changes to one’s travel plans.The financial loss due to this can be significant, especially if for an expensive planned vacation with connecting airline tickets, hotels or cruise bookings.It is recommended to buy the best Cruise travel insurance for a cruise trip.

There are also circumstances beyond the control of the traveler and can force change to travel plans. This can be due to the health of the traveler or that of an immediate family member or other work related conditions.These situations are also covered by travel insurance with the cancel for any reason coverage benefit which gives full flexibility in travel plans.

Along with disruption to travel, there is also the health of the traveler during the journey itself. This is particularly important for older travelers, and an accident or an unanticipated health emergency while traveling can be very expensive but will be covered by travel insurance. The best Travel insurance for US senior travelers complements existing health insurance or be the main insurance coverage to minimise the travelers expenses. US travellers can compare travel insurance for acute onset of pre-existing conditions which is very important for senior citizens. US travellers can compare travel insurance for acute onset of pre-existing conditions which is very important for senior citizens. Travel insurance is indispensable and becomes the primary cover for US citizens while outside the United States as US domestic health insurance, including Medicare provide little health coverage outside US borders.

Travel insurance plans for older US travelers with Medicare coverage

US seniors who are traveling outside the United State borders should buy adequate travel medical insurance since Medicare provides little to no coverage outside the United States. Since international travel always involves some risks, in particular for older travelers, it is prudent to buy proper travel insurance.

It must be noted that the costs of medical evacuation and health care even outside the US is very expensive and it is therefore important to buy good Medicare Supplemental international Travel insurance.

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Older traveler Insurance

Globehopper travel medical insurance offered by International Medical Group (IMG) is specifically designed for US citizens and US permanent residents aged 65 years and older.

The GlobeHopper Senior plan is available either as the GlobeHopper Single-Trip plan for single trips with coverage from 5 days to 365 days, or as the GlobeHopper Multi-trip plan which covers a period of 12 months with a maximum of 30 days for each overseas trip. The GlobeHopper Senior plan is very popular as it provides coverage up to $1 million for travelers less than 79 years and $100,000 for travelers more than 80 years old. The plan includes $2,500 cover for sudden unexpected recurrence of an existing medical ailment and $25,000 for emergency medical evacuation.

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