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What are people saying about insurance services near Minneapolis, MN 55407?

This is a review for a insurance business near Minneapolis, MN 55407:

“Janel at options insurance was very friendly but also VERY expensive. quoted me $288 down and $178 per month after that. total $1168 for 6 months yikes. i have a fico score of 702 and 1 speeding ticket. anyway, i ended up getting $101 down and $101 per month $606 total for 6 months after that from Bonnie Jacobsen (#218-722-2215) at farmers insurance in duluth. just as friendly as Janel but WAY cheaper

to be fair Janel is forced to do higher coverages by options insurance $100,000/$300,000/$100,000 just for liability only. hey owners of options insurance i wonder how much business you lose like you just did because of this?”

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