Transportation of cars | ITC Naples

Without obligation, prior to every auto shipment we offer guidance and a quotation. 
• Vehicles may be turned over to us in our warehouses, or picked up where most convenient for customer and towed by us to our warehouses.
• Vehicles washed if necessary, in order to perform an accurate joint inspection, pointing out all pre-existing damages .
• Removal and packing of all loose items in the vehicle. Box with loose items placed in trunk.
• Exportation customs from Italy.
• Transportation to destination.
• Importation customs at destination. 
• Vehicles are washed before delivery to customer takes place. 

The vehicles are loaded on car-carrier trucks and transported to destination.

The vehicles are loaded, braced and secured in a sea container and moved to destination via vessel. The batteries are disconnected upon loading in the container. 

The vehicles are braced and secured on special air pallets and moved to destination via air. The batteries are disconnected once loaded on air pallet.
For auto shipments I.T.C. has a world wide range of agents that can handle shipments at destination locations on our behalf. Each agent has warehouses where autos can be securely stored until customer requests delivery.
For all European and overseas shipments, I.T.C. handles the often complex documentation required for customs and respects all official regulation of the destination country. Full risk insurance coverage available upon request. Marine insurance coverage is also available, if not already covered by the vehicles insurance

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