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VisitUkraine.Today is the unique information portal for tourists traveling to Ukraine and Ukrainians planning a trip abroad.

The portal has the necessary and most up-to-date information on:

• Rules for crossing the Ukrainian border by foreign citizens;

• Rules of entry and transit of Ukrainians to countries around the world;

• Visa information;

• Rules for receiving temporary protection and social assistance;

• Possibilities of receiving financial support in Ukraine and abroad for migrants and refugees;

• Rules for the use of COVID-certificates in Diia;

• Contacts of embassies, consular services and representatives of Ukraine in a foreign country.

A English-speaking hotline – online chats (24/7) and call center (9:00-21:00 Kyiv time) – is operating for tourists if they need clarification on the information provided or prompt assistance in resolving problems and misunderstandings related to crossing the Ukrainian border.

On the website you can order a medical insurance policy of leading insurance companies of Ukraine – for entry and exit from the country.

We offer an entry insurance policy for a period of 3 days, which fully covers COVID-19 treatment and observation. As well as an insurance policy for travel abroad with a minimum period of 2 days. For its purchasing you need to fill out an electronic form and make a payment, after that completed the finished insurance document will be sent to the specified e-mail within 30 minutes.

All information on the resource is updated daily and is presented in three languages ​​- Ukrainian, English and Russian.

The portal was developed by the Ukrainian organization Visit Ukraine.

VisitUkraine is a public union that, since 2018, has been engaged in the promotion and popularization of Ukrainian tourism on the domestic and foreign markets, but the war made its adjustments. Now we are working on the information front.

Our website VisitUkraine.Today is a help information portal, where every Ukrainian and foreign citizen can get the necessary information about how and with what documents to cross the state border, safely enter / leave Ukraine or evacuate from a dangerous region, how to act in critical situation, where to turn, etc.

In addition to the help portal, we have created several other projects:

Visit Ukraine Tours is the largest online database of tours to Ukraine for every taste.

Visit Ukraine Merch – patriotic clothing and accessories with worldwide delivery.

We transfer 25% of the proceeds from the sale to the Armed Forces and aid to Ukrainian refugees.


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