Watch: Breathtaking 3D displays of lion breaking out of screen is taking China by storm

A 90-degree curved LED digital public installation, set in a commercial hub in Chengdu, China is taking breaths away with its stunning 3-D effect video. Several videos from that giant ultra-realistic screen are being shared on social media platforms with many stunned at how enigmatic these animations look.

The latest video that is blowing minds away is that of a lion growling, chasing and breaking out from the screen. The 1.04-minute clip with a young lady’s reaction is being circulated on social media. Here, take a look.

Other 3D effect videos that the giant screen has been broadcasting are that of Star Trek-like spaceships emerging from behind a wall, to the screen to flying to space in front of it and another is of a flying saucer. The best part is all these videos can be seen and can be experienced even without putting 3-D glasses on.

The curved, L-shaped PH8mm LED video wall is more than 900 sqm in size and made with LianTronic FS8 Outdoor Fixed LED. Its fully-waterproof modules are anti-UV to avoid any kind of deformation in pictures in the day-time due to sunlight and can stabilize vivid broadcasting in a long time, said the electronics giant, LianTronics who installed the 3D wall. From tendering to construction, it took half a year for the project to complete

The LED wall located in Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu, wraps the façade of Yingjia Building and faces the crossroad of Chunxi road. On standing at the opposite side, spectators can get the perfect viewing angle to enjoy the 3D shows, said LianTronics. The artwork was completed ahead of China’s National Day and greeted thousands of spectators nationwide to recover China’s tourism.

The digital installation in China is being compared with the video wall of Samsung 8K digital signage in Seoul, South Korea. The videos of a majestic wave breaking on the screen of a virtual aquarium were installed and look stunningly real.

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